CIRRUS-4T Boards

Smar form factor, low consumption, affordable and certified IOT solutions

Cirrus 4 Technologies 4 Things

Cirrus 4T is the Nuvathings state of the art GPRS/ ETHERNET/WIFI/GPS/RADIO main board for connecting any kind of objects to the NUVA.

the best proven quality devices at the best price, well proven solution in almost 70000 devices in many countries of europe, asia and Latam

  • 4 Layer UL PCB, for meeting most strict EMC and Electrical safety requirements
  • CORTEX L4 ultra low consumption processor from ST, with 256KByte flash and 64KByte RAM
  • 2G, NB-IOT, LTE-CAT-M1 modem options by means of on board low cost QUECTEL BG95-M3  modem.
  • RS485 - MODBUS-RTU.
  • 16 MBit Flash for long onboard data logging.
  • ETHERNET 10/100T plugin option.
  • WIFI ESP WROOM2 low cost modem
  • LORA SX1276 Long range wireless module
  • IEE 802.15.4 module option for 6LowPAN networks interface.
  • Bluetooth 4.2 / 5.0 low energy / Bluetooth ready
  • Phone line simulator for legacy telephonic systems with modem simulation.
  • 3 analog / digital input
  • 1 optocloupled input.
  • 2 open drain ouputs + 1 Analog 0-10V output
  • 4 x 5Amp/220V power relays on ethernet plugin option.
  • Multi chemistry battery charger, 6.6V LiFePO4,  7.4LiPo / 13.8V Lead and 24V Lead batteries.
  • micro USB connector.
  • Certified by Notified Body under ISO-67 System 5 schema.
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