Heavy dutty, IP68 housing

Str4ta is the latest member of Nuvathings IOT boards, it is a optimized and lower cost of CIRRUS-4T Board intended for battery and tracking appliactions ( with or without datalogging ), it has indoor and outdoor enclosure options


Some of the most important feature for the STR4TA baord are the following:

IGNION Antennas triple technology embedded antenna.

- Optional Ultra low power #gnss module based on sony CXD5430 with only 8mA adquisition consumption.
- Micropower MEMS Microphone for noise measurement in #smartcity or Audio trigger by siren in security applications.
- Capacitive PAD sensor, for user interface such programming or learning modes.
- Light ambient sensor, for lighting applications
- Optional CAN interface for traking applications.
- RS485 , SDI12, UNE82326 bus interface
#lora sx1262 module.
Quectel BG600L, with EGPRS, NB-IOT and LTE-CAT-M1.
- Sim On chip ready.
- 2 inputs for NO,NC,EOL Analog 0-3.3V and 4..20 sensors.
- 2 Push Ouputs, for selective power of SDI12 sensors
- 1 programmable voltage output (3.6 to 12V) for powering external devices.
- Can run with alkaine or LiSoCl2 batteries with battery holder..


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