Industrial Internet of things datalogger


-CIRRUS-4T is made of Cirrus-4T board and assembled in an industrial grade DIN-RAIL 4 M box. the product is intended for use in the Industrial

Internet of Things.

Front view

Rear view

Main features

  • IOT communicator with NB-IOT / LTEM /WIFI/ETH to cloud. 
  • Very low power consumption.
    • 16mA I-CIRRUS-TL
    • 40mA I-CIRRUS-TLE
  • 3 analog/digital inputs / referenced to ground ( i1, i2, i3)

    • NO, NC, EOL or 4..20mA loop configuration

    • Sensitivity adjustment with 100ms / 1s resolution.

    • 16 bits timers, up to 65536 seconds

  • Up to 64 logical channels for IEE 802.15.4 sensors ( BLE-Thread-Zigbee) or MODBUS fetched data.

  • BLE 4.2 / 5.0 receiver, enables seamlessly integration of wireless sensors

  • Pulse counter, pulse duration with dayly, week , monthly or no reset.

  • 1 opto-coupled digital input (i4)

  • Measurements:

    • Temperature, humidity, pressure probes, current transformers, 4..20mA probes.
    • Reading of any MODBUS-RTU data, such as trifasic/monofasic power meters.

  • Two open drain ouputs, for driving external power relays

    • Triggering by alarm condition in eny entry or sensor, with programmable theresholds, also remote controllable and scheduled calendar.

  • 1 Analog 0-10V ouput, for external regulation and control.

  • LORA transceiver enables creating MESH long range network between devices at factory, farm or smart city.

    • Enables to reduce need for wiring, there can be several IP gateways and the others to balance traffic between them.

    • The LORA wireless option and the low price, dramatically reduces the installation cost.

    • Connection to LORAWAN networks where available.

  • Virtual COMPORT communicaton from cloud to RS485.
  • Optoisolated extra RS232 or RS485 second port on ETHERNET models.
  • Internal measure data log, up to 126976 measures with datetime stamp.

  • Full cloud programming and monitoring.

Models depending on communications

4 modules DIN RAIL










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