Nuva cloud platform

Cloud taylored for your application

Nuva for things


Nuva is the state of the art cloud server, capable of dealing with all your things, including sensors, security devices, home automation, apps, anything you can imagine will be there. It can be taylored to your specific needs, please contact us in order to achieve your goals.



Nuva is based on Spring JAVA framework, in both the back end and the web front end, the solution works with a Mongo DB database and holds most sensitive device information in RAM so this way, two way communications are carried at full speed from web client to the things, it also provides a powerful API-REST for integration with any existing solution.


Gauges view for electrical consumption datalogging.

Analog signals viewer with alarm triggers configuration

Tracking applications with geo fences, edge processed in the devices.

APPS for your application


Once Nuva is customized for your application,APPS can be taylored to your specific needs, containing your logo and chosen theme color, push notifications in both web and mobile are posible

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